Perseru Assumes Still Have Opportunities to Pass the Degradation Though Weight

Perseru Assumes Still Have Opportunities to Pass the Degradation Though Weight

Until the 29th week of the match, Perseru Serui is still fixated in the relegation zone by being ranked 16th with a total of 25 points collected.

However, now, they are only four points out of Semen Padang which is right above it.

Therefore, the opportunity to be able to compete out of the relegation zone is still quite open, provided that able to maximize the game counter Persegres Gresik United at the Petrochemical Stadium, Gresik, Wednesday (18/10/2017) night and four games remaining.

“Actually, there is still a chance to escape from the degradation, even though it is hard, but that does not mean we will surrender We will keep fighting and looking for additional points,” said Perseru Serui coach Agus Yuwono in a press conference before the game on Tuesday 17/10/2017).

Nevertheless, Agus is reluctant to over-impose his players to think about the current team rankings.

That, according to Agus, can break the concentration of the players in wading the five games ahead, including against Persegres.

“Obviously, we are in the same position (with Persegres) which means that tomorrow we will focus on playing as well as possible so that we can maximize points,” he said.

Not to be outdone by Persegres coach Hanafi who claimed to have known “kitchen” from Perseru, Agus also said already know and know the style of Persegres game that had been faced in the first round of League 1.

“We’ve met in the first round and I do not think they (Persegres) change anything, if there’s just a little bit, we only bring 16 players, captain Arthur (Bonai) team we do not bring because there is a rotation for tomorrow’s game,” said Agus Yuwono.

Finally, he also told Perseru players to keep their best ability in the game against Persegres and four games remaining to get the attention of the club management.

“At the end of this competition, the players must at least ‘sell’ the ability for the next season, so whether the opponent team will be taken or stay afloat, this is the opportunity.If the end of this competition they are not maximal, of course who want to use think two or three times, “said Agus.

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